We have been providing personalised care for highly complex adults and children since 1989

Spencer & Arlington is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and continues to receive good reports. We are members of the British Institute of Learning Disability, Social Care Agency, United Kingdom Home Care Association, Accredited by SCHT, and the Academy of Higher Professional Learning.

Know This First

Spencer & Arlington are a registered care provider for Children and Adults

We are a care provider for Children and Adults of either gender with no age range specializing in learning disabilities & mental health needs. Key areas of our work include challenging behavior & resettlement.

Our Personalised Care Plans

Personalised care planning aims to put people on an equal footing with health and social care professionals. A care planning consultation should feel like the meeting of two experts - the patient/client and their clinical carer.

It focuses on a discussion with individual patients about goals to support their health and wellbeing, such as returning to work, stopping smoking, improving diet or living independently. The discussion should also focus on supporting them to self-care, and finding out what impacts on their health and wellbeing, such as poor housing and emotional and psychological needs.

Choice should be stimulated through personalised care planning, which embraces three key components. These are people having:


Power to shape their pathway through services and keep control over their lives


Preferences to choose how, when and what treatments or other services they receive


Personalised services organised around their lifestyles

Our Mission Statement

We strive to offer service users opportunities to live happy and fulfilling lives

Spencer and Arlington have a clear service user involvement policy that outlines our commitment to the involvement of clients in every aspect of designing, delivering, developing and reviewing service delivery.

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List Of Service

Our Principles

  • Promoting the independence, choice, dignity, privacy, respect and participation of clients and their Carers
  • Acknowledging and respecting a client’s gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental health ability, race, religion, culture, social background and lifestyle
  • Promoting Service User choice, and seeking to maximise the autonomy of the client to have the optimum control over their own lives and the Service provided
  • Recognising the rights and responsibilities of clients, including the right to take positive risks
  • Planning and providing the Service in partnership with: Clients, their Carers, families, friends or advocates, and other independent and statutory agencies, to ensure that the Service responds sensitively and flexible to individual needs
  • Ensuring that the client’s health is monitored and promoted
  • Working in a collaborative and coordinated way with other Providers (both statutory, voluntary and independent) of health and welfare services.
  • The service that is provided within an environment of personal dignity and respect

Tenancy Support

  • Help in setting up and maintaining home or tenancy
  • Developing domestic/life skills and/or supervising or monitoring medication
  • Developing social skills/ behaviour management
  • Advice, advocacy and liaison and/or peer support and befriending
  • Help in managing finances and benefit claims
  • Help in gaining access to other services
  • Help in establishing social contacts and activities
  • Help in establishing personal safety and security
  • Supervision and monitoring of health and well-being
  • Help to find other accommodation and liaison with external agencies
  • Provision of community or social alarms
  • Help to maintain the safety and security of the dwelling
  • Assistance with Cleaning of own rooms
  • Risk assessment
  • Advice and support on repair work/home improvement work
  • Support with shopping, errand running and good neighbour tasks
  • Liaison and advocacy support from the same ethnic group
  • Culture-specific counselling/emotional support and access to local community organisations
  • Signposting to culture-specific legal services
  • Signposting to culture-specific health/treatment services

Main Extra Support Service Inputs

  • Assisting individuals to engage in Employment and Training Opportunities
  • Monitor and Prevent Vulnerability to Exploitation and ongoing practical and emotional support
  • Facilitate and enable people to develop peer support networks.

Main Extra Care Service Inputs

  • Meal preparation and cleanup
  • Shopping
  • Hands on personal hygiene and grooming
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Feeding
  • Functional transfers
  • Moving and Handling
  • Medication (where approved)

Main Specialist Inputs (by accredited behavioral practitioners):

  • Addressing verbal aggressive behaviour and abuse and service user’s anger management support
  • Addressing physical aggressive behaviour and violence to persons/property and anger management support
  • Monitoring and preventing self-harm
  • Addressing substance misuse/abuse Issues
  • Psychosocial Interventions
  • Intervene in a proactive way in order to prevent and alleviate any crisis and promote independence.
  • Specialist Rehabilitation (Personality Disorders)
  • Health interventions as required

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